LINKPICTURE With LinkPicture you can store your photos and pictures. You can get various links of your photos and pictures. You can use these links in forums, blogs, websites and social media. In addition, links work in countries all over the world and your photos can be displayed. Photos and pictures; drag-and-drop, enter the path of the internet or easily load directly from your memory. Your photos or pictures; you can easily upload it directly from the memory or by entering the internet link. You can also upload your photos by dragging and dropping.
STORAGE CONDITIONS Users who want to upload photos to LinkPicture site must accept the user agreement. Images you upload to are stored for a certain period of time and depending on the display status. Photos and pictures uploaded by guest users will be deleted if there are no impressions for 6 months. This period is 12 months for LinkPicture members. During this time you can store your pictures. You can view your photos at any time. You can then permanently delete your photos on the system. You can also extend the retention period of your photos as members. Sign up for Linkpicture to use your membership benefits
WHO ARE WE ? LinkPicture uses Centos operating system to provide quality services. We use Intel Xeon, a new generation of specially developed processors. Thus, we work with high processing capacity. We use SSD to store your photos and pictures. We are serving with 1 Gbit / second Upload / Download speed values. Measures were taken against any kind of attack. There are 480 Gbps DDoS and Botnet attack protection. In addition, we are working with the world giant Cloudflare.